Quinta Alma is a private and intimate natural ecological retreat farm.
It is the result of Joana and Mario’s passion and their vision for an inspiring and relaxing experience in Nature.

Quinta Alma is a magical place, totally off grid and hidden in the mountains of Monchique but right next to Aljezur, in Algarve’s worldclass Atlantic coast.
It is a place for those that want to have a close but yet comfortable experience with the natural elements.

Quinta Alma is a growing organic farm with an ecological and human regenerative laboratory. Here we reeducate ourselves to live a regenerative and meaningful life, in harmony with Nature.

Quinta Alma is located in the Southwest coast of Portugal, in Aljezur, home to what is still a piece of wild and beautiful European Nature, just 10 minutes driving from some of the most amazing beaches in Europe.

Nous croyons que la beauté intérieure et extérieure de la nature inspire l'âme humaine et favorise le cœur humain. C'est pourquoi nous appelons cet endroit Fifth Soul, une maison où votre âme peut se développer et se sentir inspirée.