Regenerative Workspace

When the summer season is over, Quinta Alma closes to the general public and our Non Profit Organisation – Alma com Alma – embarks in a profound regenerative and evolutionary process.

During this time, from December to the end of March, a permanent community of Volunteers, Erasmus Entrepreneurs, Interns and Digital Nomads, work, live and grow together, making this place a fun and vibrant humansphere inside an ecological gem. 

Alma com Alma is an Association of people that have the call to live a life that gives more than what it takes. People that gather to understand how to live a more balanced life, eventually off-grid, in close contact with Nature, for Nature and from Nature. Alma com Alma is anchored to Quinta Alma, Ecological Retreat Farm, guided by Permaculture, that hosts those seeking for a close encounter with the elements of Nature.

Based on a 45 hectare land, Alma com Alma is a laboratory of Agroecology and Human rooting. We investigate, experiment and build knowledge that eventually inspires and reeducates our affiliates to pursue a regenerative life for a thriving Nature.

The Association Alma com Alma and Quinta Alma work together in a place with permanent farming and forestry activities, and with an array of ecological and creative buildings, that form a living being.

This organic farm demands recurrent maintenance and upgrading building projects, also fuelled by the hands of the local community.

Digital Nomad Experience

Special Limited Monthly Rental, from December to April

If you are looking for a heavenly place to work, have fun and grow with other humans that want to be aligned with their purpose and caring for their home planet, then you will find this to be your own paradise.

You can work online with high speed internet and enjoy the best surfing beaches, mountain trekking, meditation and personal development practices, yoga classes, mountain biking, bird watching and much more.

You can also participate in the daily activities of the farm, like working in the food gardens, feeding the farm animals, pruning trees and regenerating the forest, building with natural construction, etc…

One important note: pets are not allowed.

Regenerate yourself with us this winter.

For more information on this special limited monthly rentals, please contact us on the following emails and phone numbers:
Alma com Alma email:
Quinta Alma email:
Mobile / WhatsApp: +351 916 787 600 / 01
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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