Pandemic update

Quinta Alma

“The best Nature hideaway to unplug and reconnect”

Quinta Alma is open. Last year, the pandemic outbreak led us to reinforce some services and working procedures, about which you can read bellow.

Always with a relaxing and inspiring experience in mind, we are focusing our attention also to the details of the extraordinary hygiene and safety procedures to deal with the Covid-19. Together with our guests, we are delivering an amazing experience in Quinta Alma! 

Considering the health and safety risks, we have updated and improved all our cleaning and sterilizing protocols, following the health warnings issued by the government and health authorities.  

Our vision of a relaxed and inspired experience is reinforced for this new season. We have been investing in Quinta Alma’s unique beauty, adding more pedagogical spaces and ecological activities to inspire a more sustainable and self-sufficient life.

This year we have more organic food gardens – Two Food Forests and one Agro-Forest. These food gardens provide us with food and self-sufficiency. This is also pedagogical content, adding knowledge that we will happily share with our guests. 

We improved the infrastructures that support the Lake area, for those who don’t want to move away and still have a private mountain beach.

More services have been created thinking in the comfort of our guests: a tasty brunch in your shelter, the take away pic-nic baskets and the thematic family dinners.

Our wonderful farm animals are here to bond with you. The donkeys, our huge mastiff dogs, cats and even chicken, are always ready to receive some tender love from those who want to vibrate with their pure innocent soul.

More than ever, we are committed to providing our guests with an experience of true and balanced detox from the outer world and a real reconnection with Life. 
Covid-19 has impacted our life and our services but it is also pushing our vision for Quinta Alma: a source of inspiration for the change we want and a practical guide to a more self-sufficient and sustainable Life.

Please see below the list of our practical commitments and improved services for your visit in 2021

Book your reservation with total Flexibility. You have the possibility to change your booking date, without the typical change fee. This is limited  to the existent availability. 
This is available for any booking made directly with us or with our partners.
To be accepted, the request for change should be made at least 15 days before check-in. 

Better Price Guaranteed. If you want to get away but you are looking for the best deal, you can book directly with us on our website and benefit from the best prices. The 50% deposit of the total amount will not be refunded. Remember that you can always change your booking dates without any cost and fully use your paid deposit whilst saving on the final price.

14% discount for bookings with at least 14 day stay.  To celebrate freedom, simplicity and Nature, a life outside the four walls, we are offering 14% of discount for stays with a minimum of 14 days. This is the symbolic period of time, enough to clean out the virus. Two weeks comfortably off-grid, in the middle of Nature, next to some of the most amazing beaches in the world.
Recharge your own batteries, strengthen your immune system and get inspired for a more independent and sustainable lifestyle. You may even take a class with one of our invited experts and go back home knowing how to grow your own veggies in an apartment.To benefit from these two weeks use the promotional code “14DaysForLife” in direct bookings on our website.

Security, Safety, Comfort, Nature, Off-grid & Off-line.

Quinta Alma is already an Ecologic Retreat in the middle of Nature. A place where you are always surrounded by pure clean air. It is a retreat with privacy and freedom where each person or family can relax and reconnect. In Quinta Alma, the safety distance and peace is naturally the only thing always on.

Hygiene and disinfection.

  • In addition to the usual deep cleaning between check-out and check-in, all rooms and beds are disinfected. Surfaces of possible contagion are sterilized. 
  • Every room has its own private toilet and shower, with daily cleaning.


  • This season, breakfast is served following the restaurant safety protocol.
  • We are adding Brunch and Picnic Baskets to the Room Service order list. Brunch after breakfast and take away Picnic baskets that you can enjoy on the lake, forest or at the beach, avoiding crowded places.
  • In this region of the southwest, you can find many off-grid and sustainable living experts. We are inviting some of them to come to Quinta Alma and share their knowledge with us and our guests.
    Classes can be booked as private lessons. Agroecology, Herbalism, Natural Cosmetic, Ceramic, and Environmental Outdoor Education will be some of the covered topics.
  • Massages, both therapeutic and relaxing, can still be booked in advance, and outdoor classes of yoga and chi-kung are part of our morning routines.
  • The lake has new simple infrastructures, for you to jump in the water and indulge yourself under this amazing sun.

More Nature.

  • We planted two Food Forests and a small Agroforest, based in Permaculture. These new spaces bring even more beauty, more biodiversity and food abundance. They fix water in soils and make local nature more diverse and more resilient.
  • Several bird nests were installed with the help of a bird biologist, to fix more bird species in Quinta Alma’s central area. This way, we can observe how birds nest and live in this natural environment.
  • More forest trails were cleared and signed. Walking around in our hills and forest has a new sense of safety and pleasant reconnection.
  • We are working with biologists to create Quinta Alma’s record of biodiversity in flora and fauna. We are opening some interesting points for Nature observation in the forest.
  • For individuals, couples or families we recommend you to experience at least one of the Nature Activities. This will inspire your stay and your bond  with the forest’ soul. 

Off-grid and off-line.

  • Quinta Alma is a heavenly space for self retreat. It is a remote place outside the chaotic world, where you can balance your energy and feel inspired for a healthier, more self-sufficient and more sustainable Life.
  • In Quinta Alma, we harvest our own water and electricity. Consumption is harmonized with sustainability;
  • You will find that the phone signal is still quite weak and the internet WiFi is restricted to the gardens, very near the Food Temple. This hasn’t been improved. The offline and the off-grid experience allow a true and balanced detox from the outer world and unlocks the reconnection with Life.

For all of this and much more that you can find in Aljezur and on this wonderful coast, 
we believe that Quinta Alma is the best hideaway to unplug and reconnect.

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