In the world class Aljezur – the best hidden pearl of Europe’s West Coast – a new ecological retreat opens for just a few.

At Quinta Alma you will find a home where you can relax in glamorous hand made safari shelters and get inspired by the amazing local natural landscape.

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About us

Quinta Alma is a private and intimate natural ecological retreat. It is the result of Joana and Mario’s passion and their vision for an inspiring and relaxing experience in the nature. Quinta Alma is a magical place, totally off grid and hidden in the mountains of Monchique but right next to Aljezur, in Algarve’s Atlantic coast.

Quinta Alma is located in a 50 hectare land of wild and beautiful nature, but just 10 minutes driving from some of the most amazing beaches in Europe.

Quinta Alma is a growing organic farm. Here we are eager to try and share permaculture and natural building experiences, in total harmony with nature. It is a place for those that want to have a close but yet comfortable experience with the natural elements.

We believe that the inner and outer beauty of nature inspires the human soul and tenders the human heart. That is why we call this place Quinta Alma, a home where your soul can expand and feel inspired.

>> Our Glamorous Safari Shelters <<

Romantic Mountain Shelter    |     Superior Safari Shelter      |     Riverside Deluxe Shelter

At Quinta Alma you can choose to stay in one of the special Safari Shelters we have designed and built to provide the most relaxing, inspiring and comfortable experience of communion with nature.


If you would like to make a reservation for a Quinta Alma, please click the button below to use our reservation system. Here you can choose your favorite accommodation and book directly with us benefiting from the best conditions and prices.


More than a pool,
here you have a lake where you can swim.

An artificial lake in the middle of the valley, between two enchanting mountains, makes this place a small paradise. Suitable for swimming, but still wild and with all caution. Never a child should be left alone in the lake.
This is a structural part of our strategy of “rewilding” the land. Animals and plants of all kinds are blooming by the hands of this generous cradle of water.


These are some of the things you can enjoy in Quinta Alma.

Swimming in the lake

Foraging for wild food

Donkey hugging

Bird watching

Crystal hunting

Yoga & Massages



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The Food Temple. Enjoy our amazing breakfast with an impressive view and local products.

We serve a buffet breakfast made with local delicious products, while you indulge yourself with an amazing view of the valley and the forest. Throughout the day, you can use the outdoor kitchen to prepare your favorite meals.

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Ecological showers and compost toilets.

Enjoy a solar shower and a dry toilet.
Comfort, simplicity and sustainability. All our shelters offer private toilet.

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Showers and Toilets. Comfortable but simple.

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Showers and Toilets. Comfortable but simple.

A fractal view from the shower.

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Ecological warm solar heated showers. Dry toilet that uses no water.

Nature all around.

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Local wood waste converted into charm walls.

Private Toilet. Some shelters have also a private warm shower.

All toilets are hand made and with dry compost bins. After the necessary time, the compost becomes good fertilizer.

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The inspirational nature of Quinta Alma.

Water and life. Wildlife, small and large.
Lakes and river streams. Ancient and young trees.
Magic forests. Amazing undiscovered beaches.

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Contact us

If you want to know more about Quinta Alma or the amazing surroundings, please send us an email to inspiration@quintaalma.com or call us: +351 916 787 600

If you want to stay in Quinta Alma please press the button bellow to go to our booking engine powered by Cloud Beds. There you can choose your favourite tent and book directly with us with the best conditions and prices.

We will be looking forward to welcoming you.


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