“o Celeiro” – the Barn, in English
is the name we call our kitchen with
our Nature-to-Table concept

“We are what we eat.”
We do our best to cook consciously and sustainably.
Our meals are inspired by Portuguese cuisine.
We use local, seasonal, organic and happy ingredients.
We collect the ingredients we use from our food gardens,
from the local community, from the ocean and foraging or hunting them in the forest.

We only serve by invitation-only our staying guests and our Alma com Alma associates.


We pick our vegetables from our food gardens and from our local market neighbours. All ingredients are organic and seasonal.


We get fish from the ocean, through the hands of fishermen friends. All from the same day and from the ocean.


We forage for wild food and hunt wild animals in a sustainable way and limited quantity, to make delicious and healthy dishes.

Breakfast vegetarian buffet with local and seasonal ingredients. Served in the Food Temple, embraced by Nature.

Picnic baskets prepared for take away. An amazing and healthy way to indulge the beach and the forest.

Room service so you can relish a great breakfast in the comfort of your shelter, while enjoying the beautiful view.

Personalised catering. Lunch and dinner for group retreats, always based on our Nature-to-Table concept.