Grand Mountain Teepee

Elevate the energy with the Lakota Teepee

” Enjoy the eagle view from the magnificent 8m diameter Teepee, strategically placed on the hill of the mountain facing the retreat centre. An amazing Lakota Teepee Shelter made with the best canvas and wood from the farm. Handmade with love, Nature inspired crafting and wisdom from the Lakota.

Embrace the four elements inside this beautiful spaceship, in comfort and with a magical feeling that you can only find in sacred geometry structures. This Teepee Shelter has 24 hours a day electricity and a private toilet with a warm shower. It is a shelter that is not for everybody, because it is placed on a steep hill and exposed to the elements. If you are willing to take the challenge of staying in this sacred home, you will be rewarded with an emotionally reinvigorating and touching experience. “