Romantic Mountain Cabins

Love & a Mountain Shelter is all you need.

” Positioned on raised platforms on top of the hill, all hand-crafted, and fitted with an inspired combination of canvas and wood, these shelters do not skimp on the details. Guests will find immaculate features including, sturdy hardwood flooring, colourful ornamentation, and fantastic wooden fixtures. Inside, you will have one double size bed or two single beds, cosy linens for chilly nights, hangers for clothes and lanterns for the evenings. These shelters are also set with rugs and nightstands. Guests will be in the utmost comfort with rugs and thick mattresses. Additionally, these shelters offer up a private deck with seating and panoramic views of the surrounding mountains. Each Romantic Mountain Shelter is some 50 meters going up the hill and it features its own private toilet with a cold shower, totally hand-crafted from the surrounding nature. “